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How do we register our profile with Snehaprabha?

For registration information Click here

How do we pay?

Internet Bank Transfer to account. The bank details will be provided once the registration form is duly completed. Send in Demand Draft in the favour of Snehaprabha. Membership is not confirmed until money is received.

How long is my membership valid for?

Your membership is valid for 12 months from the date of joining. If you would like to renew your membership at the end of one year you will have to pay the membership fees for the renewal.

I do not get enough matching profiles, why?

There could be various reasons. The response you would get depends upon your information such as your age, education, family background, profession. Second aspect is your expectations. If your expectations are reasonable and complimentary to your background it will help finding the ideal match for you.

I am your member and I have found my soul mate. I still have six months of my membership left. Can you send matching profiles for my brother/cousin on my membership number?

Firstly hearty congratulations.

Our membership is completely non-transferrable and fees non-refundable. Your brother/cousin/friend is welcome to register with us individually and we will be only too pleased to serve.

I would like to advertise my profile on your in Advertisement segment. What do I do?

Are you registered with us? If not you will have to register with us. Silver or gold membership is up to you. Once you have been allocated registration number or membership number as the case may be, you can send us a clear, decent and recent photograph via email. We will advertise your profile if all the criteria are approved by our regulatory team as soon as practicable.

What are your policies regarding membership and advertising?

When we advertise your profile you personal information i.a. your name and address/contact details would not be advertised.This is in the interest of your own security.